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Walking on my land, my country. Moments frozen in a black and white snap, registering people, landscapes and mountain outlines descending into the sea. Churches leaning on mosques. People, strikingly similar and at the same time so very different. A segment of life now becomes a tangible document. This is my country. Cyprus. A tiny little spot, barely visible on the globe, inhabited by a population equal in number to that of a big city neighborhood and yet a meeting place of different cultures, religions and norms. I depict the present hoping to invest in a better future. Frequent tears fill my eyes whenever I tread on places, up to that moment vaguely known to me, principally through descriptions. From this journey I try to cast aside the grief by savoring people’s smiles which fill me with hope. “Cyprus Figures: Cultural Diversity, Convergence and Coexistence” features a selection of pictures from this journey. Figures from a distant corner of the Mediterranean, in metropolitan New York, the  indisputable symbol of multicultural coexistence. Indeed in the United Nations building, where people from every corner of the world meet, again so strikingly similar and at the same time so very different.



Opening Ceremony

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