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“Cyprus in Time” with black and white photos, fragments of years exploring and observing Cyprus in both sides, in all its elements, humble and brilliant together. Moments, simple yet unique, modest yet impressive, frozen in a snap, registering people, landscapes, moments in time, moments in life and mountain outlines descending into the sea, paths ascending hills and summits reaching seamlessly the open horizons of the blue cloudless skies. The old column-like-wind-mill of my garden and the graffiti on the wall of the little urban street, churches leaning on mosques, ancient remnants and modern people, strikingly similar and at the same time so different. The meanders of history, the scars of division and forceful separation, the resilience in adversity. A blend of feelings from the past projecting into the future. An instant and aleatory segment of life which becomes a tangible document for posterity. The contrast that characterizes this island country of mine. A little spot, barely visible on the globe, inhabited by a population equal in number to that of a big city neighborhood and yet a meeting place of different cultures, religions, norms, narratives, a blurred mystical blend of the mythical and the tragic with an osmosis of desire and passion, the epic and the stoic.



Opening Ceremony

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